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  • School Philosophy

    School Philosophy

    Every Student who walks through our doors will be given every opportunity to be successful, both inside and outside the classroom.

    At Dan Knott School we set high expectations for student achievement through a collaborative approach to teaching, partnerships with the community, specialized programming focusing on the unique needs of each student, and many engaging activities to help each student feel part of a happy, productive and caring school. Our supportive environment encourages and provides staff and students opportunities for growth and development, including many student and staff leadership roles within the school and community. We set high expectations for staff and students to be positive members of our community.



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  • School Hours

    School Hours

    DAN KNOTT SCHOOL  2021-2022 Bell Schedule


    Moving Bell

    8:25 am

    Period 1

    8:30 – 9:22


    9:22 – 9:25

    Period 2

    9:25 – 10:17

    8 minute break

    10:17 – 10:25

    Period 3

    10:25 – 11:17


    11:17 – 11:20

    Period 4

    11:20 – 12:12


    12:12 – 12:57

    Lunch Moving Bell


    Period 5

    12:59 – 1:51


    1:51 – 1:54


    1:54 – 2:14


    2:14 – 2:17

    Period 6

    2:17 – 3:09



    Moving Bell



    8:30 – 9:06


    9:06 – 9:11

    Period 1

    9:11 – 10:12


    10:12 – 10:17

    Period 2

    10:17 – 11:18


    11:18 – 11:48

    Lunch Moving Bell


    Period 3

    11:53 – 12:54


    12:54 – 12:59

    Period 4

    12:59 – 2:00


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  • Community


    Dan Knott School is located in southwest Mill Woods. We serve a population of approximately 500 grade seven, eight and nine students and their families. 

    Centered within Knottwood Community League, Dan Knott has 5 nearby elementry schools:  Ekota, Menisa, Meyokumin, Sakaw and Satoo.  These schools are our "feeders" and in the normal course of events, students attending these schools will move on to Dan Knott.

    In turn, students who attend Dan Knott and live within our boundary area will be directed to J. Percy Page High School.


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  • Athletics


    General Information
    Since Dan Knott Junior High School has opened its door there has been a history of excellence in athletics. Our history of excellence is a product of the dedicated efforts of student-athletes, parents, and coaches. An outstanding student body has supported this success.
    Dan Knott Junior High School is located within the Knottwood community within the Millwoods area.  It has access to various playing fields and baseball fields. In our back field we also have 8 basketball hoops that students can use after school when there is no gym availability.  
    In addition, the school has a large gymnasium that can be subdivided into two smaller units and a north gymnasium so that all types of team sports and instructional groups can be accommodated. Our fitness centre is located in the south wing and it has a full range of equipment for staff and student use.

    Dan Knott Athletics will provide an opportunity for student-athletes to develop life skills that help them grow into positive and responsible citizens of their community. They will develop their individual athletic ability and teamwork while emphasizing the Dragons Character Virtues of respect, responsibility, fairness, forgiveness, honesty and integrity.

    Athletes’ Code of Conduct
    1. It is a privilege and not a right to participate on a Dan Knott Athletic team.
    2. All student-athletes must be prepared to make a serious commitment to the team and their teammates. This includes attendance at all practices, games and other team functions.
    3. Regular classroom attendance and appropriate behavior both inside and outside of the classroom is a priority. Failure to take either of these responsibilities seriously can result in temporary or permanent removal from the team.
    4. All student-athletes will demonstrate a positive attitude and willingness to cooperate with all coaching and teaching staff, students, opponents, officials and teammates.
    5. Be proud to be a Dragon!
    6. Uniforms, equipment and facilities must be treated with care and respect. This applies to all situations inside and outside of Dan Knott.
    7. All student-athletes will follow both the Edmonton Public Schools and Dan Knott Codes of Conduct as outlined in the student handbook regarding alcohol, drugs, hazing, bullying, etc. There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy and at the discretion of the school administration this type of misbehaviour could result in permanent removal from any or all teams in the Dragons Athletics program.
    Athletes’ Responsibilities
    Student-athletes at Dan Knott have a responsibility to demonstrate the qualities of appropriate conduct and good sportsmanship at all times. They must also dedicate themselves to maximizing their performance in all classes by attending classes, completing and submitting all required assignments, writing all exams and tests and making up all work missed. School-generated absences for athletic events will affect each of the above criteria for success.

    Student-athletes must accept the responsibility to work closely with each teacher to allow the achievement of personal potential. Athletes’ eligibility to participate in inter-school athletics may be affected by attendance prior to and during the playing season. All athletes will behave in accordance with school and district expectations. All competitions must be conducted with a high standard of courtesy, fair play, and sportsmanship.

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Welcome to the Home of the Dragons!

Dan Knott School is located in southwest Mill Woods. We serve a population of approximately 500 grade seven, eight and nine students and their families. Our students have diverse needs and our multiple programming opportunities are designed to meet these.

Dan Knott also offers an Academic Enrichment Program for students to prepare them academic programming in High School, including Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate. To learn more about this program or to get an application form for our Academic Enrichment Program, click here for the Academic Enrichment Application.

Visit epsb.ca for more details and to see if the Academic Enrichment Program is the right fit for your child.

Families of students who would like to attend the Academic Enrichment Program can pre-enrol in SchoolZone beginning March 8, 2022. 

    • This includes students who are currently enrolled in Pre-Advanced Placement.



Please visit here to watch the EPSB video regarding information about the Interactions program




Principal's Message

Dan Knott is a safe, caring school focused on learning, every day for every student. We pride ourselves on being a community of students, parents and partners who share a common philosophy that all students matter. The school code that students and staff live by is one of respect, fairness, honesty, caring, teamwork and responsibility.

Academic achievement is our number one priority and we offer regular programming as well as the Academic Enrichment Program. We believe in a team approach to learning that includes school staff, students, parents and partners working together. Our school also offers students many opportunities to become involved in the life of the school – through lunch hour or after school clubs, through our amazing athletic program and through our student leadership program. We realize the importance of students connecting and being part of the community. We strongly encourage all students to get involved in the life of their school. 

Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions or concerns. The learning environment in our building is enriched with all of us working together. Our goal is to ensure that every student that walks through the doors at Dan Knott is welcomed and given every opportunity for success both inside and outside the classroom.


Clinton Preeper