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Student Leadership

 Student Leadership at Dan Knott

Dan Knott Student Leadership allows students to develop their personal leadership skills, develop an understanding of leadership styles, and participate in the planning and running of whole school events and activities. Students are encouraged to share ideas, to listen to others, and to engage in meaningful reflection about what it means to be an effective leader. At all three grade levels, students in Leadership have the opportunity to develop their team building and communication skills, practice conflict resolution and problem solving, study the characteristics and traits of effective leaders, and work to develop a strong sense of community, both within the school and beyond. Students also have the opportunity to volunteer at community events and local Edmonton organizations. At Dan Knott, all students are part of student leadership either as an option course, through FLEX or as part of class challenges through their cross-graded homeroom. We recognize the importance of developing citizenship skills in all of our students by providing them many opportunities to make a positive impact in their school community.