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Pre-Advanced Program

What is Pre-Advanced Placement?

The purpose of the Pre-AP program is to enrich and challenge students who are motivated, high-achieving, have a strong work ethic, and seek alternative possibilities.  Students in the Pre-AP program can perform at rigorous academic levels and are prepared for higher intellectual engagement.  Curriculum and instruction in all subject areas will foster the idea that all students are consistently being challenged to expand their knowledge and skills to the next level.  The program emphasizes a commitment to academic excellence.

Is Pre-AP right for you?

Students are well-suited for this program if they:

  • Want a more academically enriched program
  • Currently achieving at honours or near honours standing in core subjects
  • Have a well established work ethic
  • Are enthusiastic, self-directed, and capable of handling an accelerated pace of learning
  • Enjoy being challenged
  • Demonstrate intellectual curiosity over a broad range of subjects and interests
  • Are reflective and deliberate in their thinking
  • Are prepared to work collaboratively with peers


Enrichment opportunities beyond the classroom:


Social Studies

Language Arts




  • Fort Edmonton Park – A day in the Life (Canadian History)
  • Renaissance Week   


  • Citadel Theatre

  • Art Gallery of Alberta – Art as Text

  • Telus World of Science: Star Wars Exhibit – Character Development

  • Director’s Cut Program – Creating text using various mediums

  • Cardboard Boat Races: University of Alberta - Problem Solving

  • Gauss Math Contest - Challenging Math problems

  • University of Alberta Math Fair

  • Hosting Math Fair at Dan Knott

  • RiverWatch – Environmental Chemistry

  • Devonian Botanic Gardens – Biological Diversity

  • Telus World of Science – IMAX, Environmental Discovery

  • Royal Tyrrell Museum: Drumheller (overnight – gr7) – Earth Science

  • Creperie Restaurant - Language development