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Option Classes Offered at DK

Traditionally DK students choose between 2 and 4 different options and explore content in depth throughout the school year. During the 2020-2021 school year students had the opportunity to rotate through each different option each quarter. During these 8-9 day rotations students would learn about career opportunities and a developing collection of skills in each option course.  

Art - Learn the skills to create your own unique art works using a variety of techniques and mediums.

Construction - Learn to use hand and power tools to create products in the woodshop

Foods and Fashion 7:  In Fashion studies, students will be introduced to basic skills like pattern layout, pinning, hand sewing and machine stitching. In Foods studies, students will learn about kitchen safety and sanitation, accurate measuring and basic food preparation skills.

Foods 8 :  In Foods studies, students will be introduced to basic baking skills and the functions of ingredients. They will also learn about quick ways to make nutritious meals using simple ingredients.
Foods 9: In Food studies, students will be introduced to meat cookery, knife handling skills, adjusting recipes and problem solving in response to response challenges.

Student Leadership - Work with other grade 7 students to create and run school activities and events

Outdoor Education - Learn the skills and games to be outdoor active

Photography - Learn to use a camera to create digital piece of art. 

Extra Phys. Ed. - Opportunity to learn new skills and enhance abilities through a variety of sports

Sports Performance and Leadership - Discover and develop leadership skills in relation to sport and physical wellness

Tech Challenge - Learn about technology, coding, and robotics, 3D printing

Band - An opportuntiy for students to learn an instrument and music theory. Students will explore and foster their love of music